Meet the Urgent Care Team

Get to know the Urgent Care staff

Dr. Steve Beebe, MD

Joseph Haeberle, NP

Eric Brown, FNP-C

Dr. Aaron Gardner, MD, MS, FAAP

Neil Erickson, PA

Aaron Potter, PA

Julia Muckerman, NP

Nathan Matson, PA

Sara Letham, FNP-C

Colette Egbert, FNP-C

Jason Knighton, FNP-C

James Campbell, PA

Adam Richins, PA

Audrey Ferrin, NP

Dr. Kevin Prier, MD

Heather Halversen, PA

Lauren Capson, PA

Marianne Galbraith, PA

Melinda Balsmeier, PA

Miles Haeberle, PA

Nephi Redd, DO

Noah Bernal

Jenny Diehl, FNP-C

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Wait times in the clinic may still apply.
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(208) 992-5109

(208) 656-1500

(208) 747-0339

(208) 701-0277